Check and validate any IBAN for errors

Quickly validate and check an IBAN for errors

(The IBAN codes entered are validated according to the MOD 97-10 algorithm and are not saved in our database.)

What is the IBAN code?

The IBAN code is an acronym for International Bank Account Number. This code (string) uniquely identifies a customer's account at a financial institution internationally and is used to process payments between banks / financial institutions. An IBAN is a set of letters and numbers that represent an individual bank account.

The format of the IBAN code is verified using an algorithm to verify the correctness of the information called MOD 97-10. This algorithm allows the identification of errors caused by writing a wrong character in the IBAN code.

ATTENTION: The form above verifies only the correct format of the IBAN code, it cannot verify its existence.

What does SEPA mean?

SEPA is the acronym for Single Euro Payments Area - Transferring money in euros within the EU and a few other countries has become easier, faster, and cheaper once with the creation of a single payment system, known as SEPA. Specifically, you make a payment in euros in the SEPA area under the same conditions in which you would make an internal interbank payment. That means, in principle, with the same costs and the same waiting time. Our tool tells you if your account belongs to a SEPA country.